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What is the Best 5-Htp Supplement?

Posted on : 11-11-2009 | By : admin | In : 5-htp Information

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Hi Sam here,

If your looking for the best 5 htp supplement for you then im glad that you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest that you keep reading…

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Because this is my uncensored 5htp truth website that is going to answer all the questions you’ve been asking to yourself. Will 5-htp really help with depression? Is it worth the money? Will 5htp help my deficient serotonin levels? and what is the best 5-htp supplement? You’re going to find out everything you need to make the right chioce in just the next 3 minutes.

The main reason that I first started researching about the benefits of 5htp was because I was having trouble sleeping and was told that it could be due to a serotonin deficiency. I started doing my research, looking all over the internet for answers as to what could be done and consistently 5-htp came up as the best natural solution to treat that deficiency. Now serotonin if you don’t know it is a chemical found in the brain that controls mood. If you have to little of that chemical you will often feel quite down and depressed about life. There are many things that can cause a serotonin deficiency such as a High Protein low Carb diet, Working indoors and not getting enough sunlight, alcohol, the drugs “E” or “Extasy” and “P”, and certain pharmaceutical medicines.

What I found out about a Serotonin deficiency is that once you have it their is no way to get out of your depression other then supplementing with 5-htp to raise the levels of serotonin. This is why 5-htp is an excellent supplement if your feeling a little down or need to get a good nights sleep.

What I found when I searched for 5-Htp though was that their were so many websites offering this and that promising the world, it almost seemed impossible to select which one would be the best for me because as I knew there are different amounts of 5htp contained in each different supplement. What I decided to do is take a trip down to my local Naturopath and get some advice on which is the best 5htp supplement available in New Zealand today.

After a good chat to her she told me what I should be looking for in a good 5htp supplement. She told me that 5htp all comes from the same place which for those of you who are interested is called “Griffonia Simpliciforolia”.

When you look for a 5htp supplement look on the back of the label and be sure to view the ingredients, alot of the brands have really low doses so you want a supplement that is going to be a higher dose. This will mean you have to take less capsules and the 5-Htp itself is going to be much more beneficial. She told me to aim to consume around 200mgs of 5htp a day.

She also told me that if I wanted to enhance the effect of the 5-htp and absorb it better that I should have Lemon & water with it. This will help calm me down before bed and also help me absorb the 5htp.

In short no 5htp supplement is going to be perfect as we are all different, but if you are depressed you need to increase your serotonin levels in order to help. You want to go for a supplement that is going to do the job and from a respectable brand. I found the supplement on this website that she recommended to me, click here to find out about it. I hope this review has helped you as I indended it to, please place comments below if you found the information on my website useful.

I Wish You The Best of luck,